August 23, 2014
Article by neffknows_admin

3 Reasons to Have a Responsive Website Design and Quality CMS


Today a website can make or break your company and consumers want access to all of your information whether it’s through their mobile device or home computer. Now is the time to fully take charge of an intuitive and responsive website design that can conform to the needs of consumers. In conjunction with a responsive website design, you must also take into consideration a quality content management system (CMS) that can effectively host and run all the components of your site.

  1. Transition. You must make sure your website can be compatible in all forms – mobile, tablet and computer friendly. What this means is that you want a beautifully designed interface that can handle all the facets involved with your website. You want the responsive design to have easy navigation on the computer version and carry that design to the mobile platform. A smaller screen means your computer version must shrink without losing its’ appeal. Imagine if a user is checking out your site on their smartphone and later revisits it again on their personal computer. You want that transition to be as seamless as possible for a positive user-experience.
  2. One Single Content Management System. Managing your website with specific SEO strategies should be streamlined into one, quality content management system. Keeping track of various campaigns with a mobile CMS and a website CMS can cause some issues down the road because if you do not keep both campaigns unified, each will struggle in their own way. For example, if you only have your mobile CMS utilize the keywords “nearby” or “near me” (which most mobile users type into search engines while on the go), you could be missing traffic on your website from users using their personal computers.
  3. Competition. Among all of the other things to stay ahead of competitors like advertisements and branding, adding a responsive design will further improve your footing. Not only will your website stand out, but users will enjoy visiting your site compared to others. The next step to take is to find a web design company in Philadelphia that can draw up a plan that suits your needs!

Search engines are the starting point for a consumer and having a responsive, beautiful and high-quality design will surely put you at the top of their searches.