May 7, 2012
Article by neffknows_admin

Are you hooked on “The Pitch”?

Did you watch “The Pitch” this past weekend? AMC’s newest reality show follows two competing ad agencies as they vie for the chance to win a contract with a major brand. So what was it like to watch the inner-workings of our business plastered across primetime?  Let us know what you thought of the pilot episode.

The first episode pits North Carolina-based McKinney versus LA’s WDCW competing to represent Subway’s new breakfast offerings. The one-hour pilot walks viewers through the process from the initial meeting with the client to brainstorming through the final, climactic pitch meeting.

Drama abounded during the first episode, with each agency claiming to be fiercely competitive, but still a “really great team.” One girl cried, one guy wore ironic yellow shoes, and everyone used Macbooks. Agency life stereotypes, much?

Still, it was interesting to watch the agencies creative process from initial brainstorm through final vision. We think the best team won—what’s your take?

Will you tune in to “The Pitch” next week?

The Pitch