February 13, 2012
Article by neffknows_admin

Chipotle Goes “Back to the Start” with Poignant Grammy Ad

For anyone watching the Grammy’s last night, one moment stood out above the rest—and it wasn’t Adele’s six awards or Jennifer Hudson’s touching tribute to Whitney Houston. Chipotle unveiled the company’s first major ad buy; a commercial entitled “Back to the Start.” The two-minute spot, featuring Willie Nelson covering Coldplay, is a decided departure from in-your-face product placement we saw last weekend during the Superbowl.

The ad highlights Chipotle’s commitment to sustainable food and ethical farming, amid a backdrop of Nelson’s version of “The Scientist.” Chipotle’s spot proved that sometimes less is more, with the simple graphics and inspired storytelling. The ad disses on traditional farming, and showcases Chipotle’s simpler, Earth-friendly approach.

Check out the ad on Chipotle’s YouTube channel, and download Willie Nelson’s rendition of “The Scientist” on iTunes.