August 1, 2016
Article by neffdev_admin

How to Advertise Your Local Business Using Pokémon Go

Unless you’ve been living under a rock these past few weeks, you’re probably very familiar with America’s latest obsession: Pokémon Go. Attracting everyone from nostalgic ’90s kids to teens, and even some middle-aged adults, this new Pokémon app has everyone running wild.

In case you’re unfamiliar with how the game works, players use their phone’s GPS to turn their ordinary world into a virtual world of Pokémon.  The GPS tracks their movements and uses real locations to prompt players to search in the real world to find Pokémon. You’ve probably seen groups of people walking through your community streets and parks in search of Pokémon, as well as hitting up local establishments that have been dubbed as “gyms” or PokéStops. Players visit gyms to battle other trainers, while the PokéStops provide users with the tools they need to locate and catch Pokémon.

Pokémon Go has amassed a massive following since its release and shows no sign of slowing down. As a local business owner, you can tap into this hot trend to promote your brand. Our PR agency in Philadelphia is sharing a few ways you can incorporate Pokémon Go into your marketing efforts.

Find the Nearest PokéStops or Gym

Players need to visit gyms and PokéStops in order to play the game. Players are usually found congregating in these areas, turning a once quiet location into a hot spot. Find out where the closest PokéStop or gym is in relation to your business. If your business is being used as one of these prime spots, then you’re already in luck. You can promote your business as a gym on social media, and you’ll have tons of people at your door, if you don’t already.

If your business isn’t one of these hot spots, you can still capitalize on them. Create a promotion that encourages players to visit your business after hitting a gym or PokéStop. For instance, if you own a restaurant locked a few blocks away, create a promotion inviting players to refuel at your eatery for 20% off a select item. You can promote this promotion on social media, as well as in your email and text marketing. Don’t forget to post a sign in front of your door.

“Lure” Customers to Your Location  

To play the game, users wander around in hopes of finding and capturing Pokémon. Lucky for you— players, and businesses, can buy “Lures”, which lure more Pokémon to a PokéStop for 30 minutes. This increases the number of Pokémon at that location, thus attracting crowds of players.  Lures can be purchased with Pokémon coins or for a few dollars. Before throwing Lures, let your customers know when and where you’ll be setting them up so they know exactly when to come by.

Promote Your Products with Pokémon

If you look on social media, you’ve likely noticed people posting pictures of Pokémon in funny places. Your business can take pictures of Pokémon with your products for subtle promotion. For example, if you operate a clothing store, you can snap a shot of a Pokémon sitting on top of a clothing rack. Or, if you have a pizza shop, take a screenshot of these cute creatures next to your food. Taking pictures of Pokémon serves two benefits. It lets players know that there are Pokémon at your location to drive them to your business. Second, it gets them thinking about your business and products.

By getting creative with your marketing strategies, you can utilize a growing trend to drive more people to your business.