September 18, 2014
Article by neffknows_admin

Measuring Online Marketing Return of Investments


You may have heard the term analytics thrown around here or there but do you really know what it means? Well, analytics can be described as a process that discovers meaningful patterns and trends in data that is formulated from a computerized system. Typically, analytics will be presented in a visualized manner that makes it easier to communicate and understand the given information. There are a variety of reasons why analytics are used; one example includes the use in social media. Say for instance you make a Facebook post and you want to know how effective it was in terms of the audience. Analytics can provide that information and sort the data into various categories that could include time of day people were the most engaged, how many people saw it and how many people shared it.

Of all the reasons to use analytics, its main goal is to help the user understand data and allow them to make the best educated decision possible that could help their company or marketing strategy. Generally speaking, analytics can help make fairly repeatable and sound estimates of the return of investment on different marketing aspects, especially social media.

As analytics are expected to make vast improvements over their current capabilities, these improvements could drastically change the way advertising agencies identify streams of data that are actually crucial to improving engagements and experiences with customers. The main point is to use those key elements of intelligence from analytics that can create the most impact for each step of the customer experience.

According to an article from IBM, they point out it’s not just about the amount of data you have, it’s about understanding what that data is trying to tell you. If a company can successfully utilize analytics, they could more accurately measure ROI’s, thus helping creating more effective marketing strategies in the realm of social media. Being able to know when the best time to engage users could be quite beneficial to your marketing plan. This leaves business owners on the hunt for quality ad agencies in Philadelphia that can help turn that information into a successful and fruitful marketing tactic.