January 11, 2012
Article by neffknows_admin

Need Some Help Breaking the Ice?

In a recent article on the Wall Street Journal’s website, Jennifer Levitz explored a seemingly “dated” method to dating. With the emergence of online dating, meeting potential suitors in person seems like a foreign concept.

Thomas Edwards, founder of The Professional Wingman, aims to reinvigorate the process of face-to-face interactions for dating purposes. For a predetermined fee, Thomas’ wingmen will accompany a client to bookstores, coffee shops, pubs or other heavily frequented destinations in an attempt to meet prospective partners and initiate romantic relationships. However, this concept isn’t reserved for wingmen.

Due to her friends’ fatigue with online dating, Hire a Boston Wingwoman Founder Susan Baxter recognized an opportunity to turn the tables and offer wingwomen for hire. For fees starting at $130, Baxter’s wingwomen will break the ice and initiate conversations between the client and women of romantic interest. Baxter’s slogan sums it up- “We’re better at hitting on women than you are.”

Have we become so detached as a society that meeting interesting and attractive people requires a substantial dollar sign? Is it so rare for everyday people to be charming that those capable can make a living out of it? Regardless of the reasons, these organizations claim to be gaining popularity while Internet dating activity seems to be diminishing.

It appears that characters such as Will Smith’s role in the 2005 comedy “Hitch” don’t just exist on the silver screen. The age old saying states that money can’t buy happiness. Perhaps hiring a wingman, however, can have you on your way.