July 29, 2015
Article by neffknows_admin

Pairing Personal Sentiment with Advertisements

business sentimental advertising shutterstock_242473288Brands are pairing personal sentiment with advertisements as a way to hit the hearts of consumers. Do you remember the Super Bowl commercial from this past year that featured a cute puppy that got lost? It was really an advertisement selling beer, but since it was adorable and hit the hearts of viewers, it was almost like a subliminal message. Or, have you seen the Tylenol commercial that is a part of their #HowWeFamily campaign? It shows a wide variety of families being together and at the very end, the Tylenol logo appears and it’s over. It’s almost a surprise because the commercial tugs on our heartstrings, showing all types of families and all the while, Tylenol, a popular pain reliever, is behind the ad.

Some may ask, why are ads this like popping up all over the place? Emotional ads create a stronger connection between the consumer and the brand. As these emotional advertisements become a more popular and effective marketing strategy, your brand can capitalize in a similar way. But what steps do you need to take in order to craft a sentimental ad that will relate to your products and/or services?

1. Identify

First, you must identify the way your products/services are utilized by consumers. Do you offer things that are used at home, on the go or at your physical location? This will help you figure out how you’ll spin your advertisement with your target consumers.

2. Truth

What truth does your brand convey? To really find that personal sentiment concept, you must find that one singular truth within your brand. This means that you need to look at every product, your company mission, your employees and all the feedback you’ve gotten from your customers and find the golden thread woven throughout all channels. You can then run with this profound truth and craft it into something that your brand is known for with that personal touch.

3. Brainstorm

Roundup the troops and get creative for an all-out brainstorming session to develop an idea for the advertisement. There’s no better way to develop a sentimental advertisement than hearing everyone’s ideas and looking back on what you’ve done in the past. For instance, if you own a restaurant, maybe you’ve been running advertisements about the food you serve, which would sound like a reasonable thing to promote. However, that may not be the most personal thing to connect with consumers because they can get food anywhere. Instead, try spinning the advertisement as your restaurant being a place where families can come together and enjoy each other’s company. ┬áThese are the types of ideas and concepts that can be the result of a successful brainstorming session.

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