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21st Century Cyber Charter School Marketing Case Study

Pennsylvania’s top cyber charter school. 21st Century delivers an online education for success and features the state’s best academic track record for a cyber school.

Project Goal

21st Century Cyber Charter School (21CCCS) is Pennsylvania’s number one charter school for online learning. They came to Neff for a rebrand of their school with the goal to increase student enrollment. Their enrollment primarily comes from out of home advertising, their website, and radio advertising so it was important that the brand and message was cohesive and contemporary.

Project Solution

Neff Associates developed a comprehensive, integrated plan to re-brand the school, continuously publicize 21CCCS, and develop ongoing social media strategies. This campaign has included an updated, more modern re-brand and a custom advertising campaign across online, out-of-home, radio, and TV designed to create buzz around the success of the current students, as well as feature the passionate and dedicated faculty. A strategic PR and social media campaign across TV, print, online as well as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn platforms has raised awareness and established a strong brand voice. Through Neff’s efforts, 21CCCS has rapidly achieved their goals of increasing enrollment and elevating their reputation as the number one cyber charter school in the state.

  • 157% increase in student enrollment
  • Brand enhancement
  • Increased brand awareness through an integrated marketing campaign
  • Delivery of brand guidelines

Services Delivered
  • Advertising
  • Branding
  • Media Strategy
  • Photography
  • Public Relations
  • Social Media
  • Videography
  • Website

Logo Development

Our team designed and developed a brand identity that honored the school’s previous logo, but had a cleaner, modern look. Their school eagle was treated in a simpler, more streamlined manner, and was paired with an understated font that helped draw attention to the icon.


Neff filmed the school’s first-ever broadcast TV spot, which celebrates the individuality and pursuits of 21CCCS students. Our in-house team scripted, storyboarded, planned, shot, and edited the commercial with precise care to highlight the academics and athletics of the students, the flexibility the school offers, and the success of both the school and its students. The commercial attracted students and parents who were looking for an online school that would accommodate their rigorous academic and extracurricular schedules.


Neff created a multi-year, integrated advertising campaign for 21CCCS, featuring real students and parents. The campaign emphasizes the flexibility that online education offers young children, especially athletes and performers. The advertising ranges from out of home to digital ads, and from TV to internet radio. The main goal of the advertising is directing traffic to the website and was successful with, most recently, over 20,000 visits to the website from August to September alone.

Pandora Radio Campaign

Our team developed custom radio spots to run on Pandora in conjunction with the launch of the new 21CCCS branding and advertising campaign. The spots featured actual students, parents and teachers of the school, and were designed to help create a buzz around the success of the current students and passionate faculty.


21CCCS engaged our team in a comprehensive custom website redesign process to improve the site’s navigation, content structure, and user experience. The new website showcases expressive photography to create an emotional impact, while telling the story of the school and its diverse student body. To help increase conversions, we also reviewed the existing site’s analytics and optimized the enrollment form.

Social Media

Neff Associates has increased 21st Century’s brand awareness and overall student enrollment by leveraging both organic and paid social media strategies. Our content humanizes the brand by highlighting 21CCCS’s culture, capabilities, and quality, while our paid social tactics simultaneously increase website traffic and overall student enrollment by targeting the appropriate audiences.

Public Relations

Since 2015 the Neff PR team has utilized their strong media relationships to garner top-tier coverage on behalf of 21CCCS to help increase enrollment and highlight all of the unique capabilities that they have to offer their students and families.

Photography by Neff and 21CCCS

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