June 14, 2014
Article by neffknows_admin

Pros and Cons of Outdoor Advertising Types

Philadelphia has a beautiful and complex urban environment and all Philadelphia advertising agencies should make excellent use of outdoor advertising. But many businesses aren’t sure what outdoor advertising options exist or how to use each one. Here’s an easy guide to the major types:

1.  Highway Billboards. These are full-sized classic billboards along major freeways and commuter routes. They are among the most visible forms of outdoor advertising and our Philadelphia advertising agencies know that they get more eyeballs than virtually any other out-of-home advertising channel. Highway billboards are great as an element of a major campaign for a large business, or to advertise a business drivers may want to pull off an exit for.

2.  Urban Billboards. Billboards can target many groups beside the commuter crowd. Many primary and secondary urban streets have billboards that are often slightly smaller than highway billboards. They also get less visibility; however, they have a huge advantage in that they stand out more and aren’t usually surrounded by other billboards. This option is rewarding for smaller businesses and neighborhood hot spots, especially as they can start to feel like a part of the neighborhood themselves.

3.  Wallscapes. Have you ever seen an entire wall of a downtown building turned into a large ad? If so, you have seen wallscapes. Wallscapes are a terrific channel because they can completely dominate a particular street or block. We use wallscapes in particular as unveiling points for new products or campaigns and to reinforce brand awareness from other urban media.

4.  Posters. Posters can be located almost anywhere in the urban landscape. Popular locations include the following: bus stops, subway stations, and information kiosks. Posters are crucial for targeting neighborhoods and poster saturation is an effective way to enforce brand or message awareness. For large campaigns, posters are the ultimate local support tool. Posters benefit from being artistically designed and clever, as they are an ubiquitous part of the urban environment and need to catch the eye. The more memorable a poster is – the better.

5.  Bus. Advertisements on the sides of buses and other public transportation work best for specific niches. Many bus lines cross multiple types of neighborhoods, so the best messages are those that appeal to many demographics. Audiences may only see a bus ad for a fleeting second, so it must grab attention and leave them curious for more.

How have you seen Philadelphia advertising agencies make good use of outdoor marketing opportunities? What is your favorite example?