November 19, 2013
Article by neffknows_admin

Show Your Joe: Controversial or Clever?

Kmart is in the midst of some pretty intense consumer backlash surrounding their new Joe Boxer commercial. Customers are speaking up and lashing out about its risqué nature. In sum, the men shake their booties to the song “Jingle Bells,” and the most literal interpretation of their actions is that the men’s testicles are creating the bell sounds.

Now Kmart has long been categorized as a ‘family’ brand, despite the fact that they have launched controversial ads before, i.e. ‘Ship My Pants.”

Personally, I saw humor in the commercial and applaud Kmart for having a little fun. BUT, I am not a Kmart shopper. Perhaps Kmart is not guilty of offensive advertising, but is guilty of not speaking to their audience?

As Gail Goodwin puts it on Kmart’s Facebook, “I saw your new Jingle Bells commercial last night on TV and am disgusted as I find it very offensive. I always regarded Kmart as a family department store. Therefore, I am disappointed in your decision to air such a filthy commercial and saddened that your wholesome image has taken a downward turn.”

What do you think, is the commercial too risqué for Kmart’s target audience? Or, just a playful take on spreading holiday cheer?

Kylie Flett
PR & Social Media Director