June 30, 2015
Article by neffknows_admin

Social Media Day 2015!

There was a time when the only way to share pictures was to print them out; sharing your thoughts with the masses meant writing an editorial to your local newspaper; watching videos meant buying a disk and a DVD player; and texting your friends meant paying 10 cents per message or making an email account. Feels like a long time ago right? We’ve got news for you; that time was less than 15 years ago.

Yeah, pretty shocking right? Incredible to think that prior to 2006 you had never asked for a wifi password at a restaurant and your blog was really just your AOL away message. Well Mashable, a ‘buzz-focused’ online news source, is holding their sixth annual global Social Media Day on June 30th to commemorate the incredible social revolution of the past few years. Using #SMday, the entire world gets involved by sharing pictures and innovative social initiatives. Events will pop up around the world. Previous event locations included Egypt, Spain, San Diego and of course, New York City.

The coolest part of social media is that it has transformed into so much more than the founders and developers ever dreamed. Facebook isn’t a place for students to connect; it’s a place for brands and consumers to talk one-on-one. Instagram went from a photo-sharing app to a content gold mine. Twitter transformed from a mini-blog to a place where brands can share their unique voice.

At Neff, we make social work for you. We project your voice into all posts so your brand’s story is told. Without a presence on these platforms, your company will likely be harder to discover and potential clients are lost. We make sure your brand is likeable, sharable and retweetable—all words that didn’t even exist 10 years ago. Check out our twitter to follow along!