February 8, 2012
Article by neffknows_admin

Super Bowl Ad Winning Formula

If it were up to our staff to determine a winning formula for the best Superbowl commercials, the answer would be simple:

Cute Dog + (insert any product name here) = Success

Three commercials stole our hearts this Superbowl weekend: the Skecher’s dog race, VW’s fat dog, and Budweiser’s rescue dog, “Weego.”

Dog Race
He’s a dog. Wearing sneakers. Doing the Moonwalk. What else do you need? http://www.hulu.com/adzone#325768

Fat Dog
We can really identify with this guy—just trying to get in shape and motivated by the smooth sounds of James Brown.http://www.hulu.com/adzone#325382

Rescue Dog
Do you think it’s really possible to train your dog to do that? No really, IS IT? Plus, we love Budweiser’s Facebook campaign to donate $1 per “Like” on their fanpage to the Animal Rescue Foundation. http://www.hulu.com/adzone#326390

Which ad was your favorite? Any that were a no-go? (Non-dog related but Broderick’s awkward reprisal of Ferris Bueller, anyone…Anyone?)