August 10, 2010
Article by neffknows_admin

Target Missed the Bulls-Eye

Target is on the hot seat and the national Human Rights Campaign (HRC) is not letting them forget they missed the target.

Target recently donated $150,000 to Minnesota Forward that supports Republican candidate Tom Emmer in the state’s governor’s race. Emmer is noted for his ultra conservative anti-gay and lesbian social platform.

Target responded that their support for Emmer is strictly a financial and business decision based on the demographics of their home state in Minnesota. What Target overlooked, was they are a national retail brand.

Regardless of Target’s ulterior motive, national pro-LGBT activists campaigns have taken to the airwaves, objecting to Emmer’s social platform and Target’s support.

Groups such as have spoken out against Target and produced
TV spots denouncing Target’s support of the Emmer campaign. A Facebook group calling for a Target boycott has already collected 64,000 members since Tuesday.

To up the ante, HRC says it will match Targets large donation to MN Forward in political contributions, showing their support for same sex marriage.

In 2010, American support for the acceptability of gay and lesbian relations exceeded the 50% threshold. Additionally, same sex marriage has already been legally approved in 6 states and on August 4, 2010 California voters agreed to accept same sex marriage, although appeals have put the decision on hold until December.

With the overwhelming social attitude leaning towards acceptance why would Target make financial contributions in a social issues vacuum. Choosing to support a candidate based on perceived political bonus may ultimately hurt them in the battle against other retailers who recognize social issues are just as important as financial issues. Homosexuals purchase the same goods and services as heterosexuals. Best Buy, are you listening?