December 8, 2020
Article by neffknows_admin

The Importance of Logo Branding for your Business

When thinking about a brand you like, or you identify with you typically think of the logo they have to represent their company. A logo is a part of a brands identity and helps you easily identify a brand just by looking at their logo. Logos are the foundation for your company and its what fosters brand loyalty. Logos are supposed to

  • Grab your audience’s attention
  • Make a lasting impression
  • Be the Foundation of a brands identity
  • Be Memorable
  • Separate you from competition
  • Foster Brand Loyalty
  • Invite new customers to get to know you
  • Be Easily Marketable

Logo Branding can really make or break your brand. You only have one chance to create a lasting impression with someone and logo branding really creates that connection with your consumer. Logos branding typically helps your brand be easily recognized and distinguished from the rest of the bunch. Even if your logo does not have your company name in it people should still be able to recognize your brand and know it’s you. A good example of this is Nike. With a simple swoosh logo Nike has been able to establish a brand with a loyal audience who knows them by their iconic logo. You want to ensure your company logo has the same long-lasting impression as one like Nike.

An overall branding plan really helps build customer loyalty and builds trust in your business. Many businesses can overlook their logo branding and don’t see the importance, but logos are essential. When creating a business, you are creating a whole brand. You want consumers to be able to identity you from the rest and have a unique logo. About 93% of purchasing decisions are made based on visual perceptions which means your branding is important. Text, color, and design are key elements of your logo branding that will help distinguish you and create brand awareness. If customers are able to connect with your logo, they are unlikely to forget about your brand. If customers remember your brand, they are more likely to want to continue supporting your business and telling others about it as well.            

Overall, logo branding is really important for you and your business and should not be taken lightly. Take your time in distinguishing yourself and creating something that is unique to your business. Even if your business is similar to someone else’s you want the logo branding to be able to easily distinguish you from the rest. Someone should look at your logo and know that it belongs to your business. Logo branding is a vital part of creating a successful business.