January 10, 2022
Article by neffknows_admin

Tips on How to Improve Advertising Efforts from a Top Ad Agency in Philadelphia

The recent surge in COVID-19 cases due to the Omicron variant has many businesses worried about how developments may impact their ability to operate successfully. Naturally as some consumers begin to reevaluate their habits or venture out less, it is crucial that businesses large and small continue to find innovative ways to connect with their client bases.

Strategic advertisement investments have been one clear way businesses have been able to set themselves apart throughout the pandemic. And- while the ebb and flow of cases continue to impact various companies- it is vital that they do anything they can to bring in new business and keep their existing base. Here, Neff- a top ad agency in Philadelphia– explores a few ways that companies can improve advertising efforts during this time.

Tailor Your Messaging

One of the simplest ways that companies can work to improve their advertising efforts during the most recent phase of the pandemic is to tailor their messaging for consumers. Luckily, much of what we have learned from the past year and change can be used this time around as well. For example, many companies are already releasing advertisements that point to what they are doing to keep customers and their staff safe or how, how they are doing their part to uphold corporate social responsibility (CSR) or value the support of their client base. Try to remember when tailoring messaging that people have heard many of the same stock phrases many times through other companies’ messaging- try to do your best to make yours thoughtful and original.

Reevaluate Your Advertising Budget

Advertising budgets play an important role in a company’s ability to craft high-quality ads or access assistance from agencies that specialize in the field. With this in mind, businesses may want to reevaluate their budget if they are still feeling the effects of the pandemic. A common misconception is that an effective advertising campaign will always break the bank. Top ad agencies recognize that not every business is working with the same budget and can come up with innovative campaign strategies that will stretch their dollars. Effective campaigns utilize ads that play to a company’s strengths and double down on them rather than force in strategies with low ROI for their industry.

Consider Optimizing for Mobile

For years, digital marketing has been a large part of strategies to attract new business. The pandemic has even further influenced this trend as people of all ages have been using their phones to check out new products and services as well as purchase them through e-commerce. This means that companies should continue to look at investment in optimizing for mobile as a way to expand the visibility of their advertisements. Making sure that the pages that advertising directs to are in working order is also a great step for streamlining. After all, businesses using digital strategy will need websites that function as well as possible. A huge benefit to optimizing a mobile ad strategy is that mobile ads can be quickly created and edited, and a top ad agency in Philadelphia can further streamline them to be more attractive to potential customers.