July 23, 2015
Article by neffknows_admin

Avoiding Social Media Mayhem

twitter tweet birdsAre you socially savvy? Social media is a powerful medium, whether you use it for personal pleasure or as a marketing tool, it’s a way for us to stay connected and share our thoughts online. With that being said, if you handle your social media accounts for your business, you might already know it takes some skill to manage. But how much thought do you put into every tweet, status or post? If you share the wrong thing, prepare for a PR nightmare!

Just recently, you may have heard that Paula Deen has once again been hitting headlines and this time it stems from her Twitter account. The controversial Southern chef may have not thought long enough before tweeting a picture with the hashtag #TransformationTuesday on July 7th. The image was from a 2011 Halloween episode where she’s dressed as Lucy from the I Love Lucy TV show but things hit the fan when everyone noticed who else was being impersonated. Her son, Bobby Deen, was also featured in the picture as Ricky Ricardo, the Cuban-born fictional husband of Lucy and viewers were not pleased with his tribute to iconic TV character.

Bobby Deen was wearing brownface in an attempt to impersonate Ricky Ricardo, which quickly spiraled downward soon after being posted. After a slew of harsh criticism was thrown at Paula Deen, the tweet was quickly removed and she immediately passed the blame to her social media manager. Whether her or her social media manager was responsible for the post, one thing is for sure, Deen’s PR team has a lot of explaining to do.

To avoid this type of social media mayhem, there are a few things to ALWAYS keep in mind when you share things online:

  • Share engaging posts that are relevant to your brand.
  • If you have to second-guess yourself over a post that might be politically incorrect, don’t post it.
  • Initiate feedback – pose a question with two answers and have followers share or favorite their answers.
  • Comment on news or events that relate to your brand/services/products.
  • ALWAYS double-check your posts for accuracy and immediately address issues when they arise.

By following these posting tips from one of the best public relations firms in Philadelphia, you can avoid social media mayhem and keep your brand looking good! And this probably won’t be the last time we hear about PR nightmares from Paula Deen.