September 29, 2017
Article by neffdev_admin

Creating Killer Content without the Costly Grammar Mistakes

Have you ever come across an article that looked interesting and when you opened it up, you were instantly met with a number of grammatical and spelling errors? Imagine web design companies or SEO experts misspelling industry-relevant terms in their content or blogs. To an English teacher or content writer, nothing makes you cringe more than the improper usage of “there/their/they’re” or “mine as well” instead of “might as well.” While these types of spelling and grammar mistakes have been known to fuel hashtags (covfefe anyone?), they can do a lot to discredit your authority and credibility.

No one will argue that good content needs to be as engaging as it is properly written. However, with the latest Internet conventions and 140 character limits, often times, it’s grammar that is axed before anything else. Just because we are met with limitations does not mean that content writers still shouldn’t practice good grammar and limit the number of mistakes that they commit. There are a variety of tools that a good content marketer should have under their belt.

Engaging content is not just about the topic, but also about the words written. The last thing you want to do is bore your readers with the same monotonous adjectives that are found in every piece of content. With a good thesaurus on your side, you can add a little splash of literary color to the world of black and white content.

There are only so many times you can use the word “awesome” in a piece of content before it starts to become tiresome and not so awesome anymore. The more your writing becomes repetitive, the more you will come across as a lazy content marketer and yet again, bore your audience. With a tool like Wordcounter, you can simply paste your content into the calculator and it will return a list of your most frequently used expressions and words.

Hemmingway App
Named after one of the greatest authors in recent history, the Hemingway app is for anyone who hates a run-on sentence, but doesn’t know how to get rid of it. We all have our long-winded moments, but sometimes content writers have the tendency to write how they speak. This ultimately results in run-on sentences that the Hemingway App has sought to take down. Through color coordination, the app highlights lengthy sentences, dense sentence structure, and written voice. Additionally, the Hemingway App will tell you if there is a simpler way to convey your point and grade the readability.

Technology still hasn’t found a way to shrink people. Otherwise, we would carry our English teachers in our pocket wherever we went. Until that technology is available, the second best option is Grammarly. This browser plugin follows you around the web and proofreads your content as you type it, checking for grammar and spelling mistakes. This tool is excellent for picking up on the small mistakes you may have otherwise looked over without it.