September 29, 2010
Article by neffknows_admin

Donovan is Delusional

On ESPN’s Washington radio affiliate ESPN-980 Donovan McNabb was questioned about the reaction he is anticipating at the Link on Sunday. Don predicted cheers. Didn’t he learn anything in Philadelphia?
He will be booed and here are 5 (get-it?) reasons why:

1) He’s wearing the wrong colors. Not only is he wearing the wrong colors, but maroon and yellow represent a bitter division rival.

2) Philadelphia fans embrace grit, hard work and unwavering loyalty to our city. Names like Brian Dawkins, Pat Burrell, and Simon Gagne are examples of a few that have or will receive positive fan reactions. Don clearly doesn’t belong in that group.

3) Smug attitude. Always smiling in a goofy “I don’t really care that much” kind of way.

4) Never accountable. Always finding blame in others. When the birds lost, it was never his fault. Step up and be responsible bucko. That’s what Philly respects.

5) Snide Remarks in the press about Eagles Management, the fans and players never ingratiates Philly Fans.