April 13, 2015
Article by neffknows_admin

How Can Infographics Boost Your Marketing Strategy?

When it comes to marketing, there are numerous strategies for boosting brand awareness. Infographics have become a popular addition to many marketing campaigns. Infographics are relatively new to the marketing world, having first emerged in 2009 and since taken off, but their popularity has greatly affected the way advertising strategies work. Infographics (or information graphics) are exactly what they sound like: graphics with information, and they are meant to give viewers a way to easily digest complex information. They have also given marketers a way to break up content-rich posts with a visually attractive element that catches the eyes of viewers.

Without a doubt, people are visually oriented and infographics satisfy viewers’ hunger for quick information. With their fun and engaging qualities, infographics have the power to boost a marketing strategy with more traffic and audience reach. According to a study by Bit Rebels that compared an infographic to a traditional post with text and images, the infographic is more effective than the regular post by far. The findings revealed the following:

• Users retweeted the infographic 578 times, compared to 62 for the traditional post
• The infographic was shared 51 times on LinkedIn, compared to 7 times for the traditional post
• The infographic had 330 page views on StumbleUpon compared to 39 page views for the other post


These numbers draw a clear line between infographics and traditional posts, just on a social media level. Viewers are more inclined to share brand posts if they’re presented in a visually appealing way, and marketers can take advantage of this trend. Clearly, visualized data is more effective, but why does it work so well?

As time goes on, people seem to have shorter and shorter attention spans, which may stem from our constant desire for engagement. With more and more claims on people’s time and attention, is it any wonder that short, clear, and simple infographics are a hit? Sifting through large chunks of text just takes longer. A captivating and informative image can convey the main points of an article without a lot of time or effort expended, which will definitely help attract viewers. And when living in a society in which everyone is constantly exposed to tons of information on their phones, computers and tablets, marketers will need a way to stand out.

Infographics provide the perfect method for boosting your marketing strategy. People simply absorb information much more quickly in a visual manner than they do when reading a large amount of text. So, the next time you want to circulate information about your brand, try an infographic!