January 7, 2023
Article by neffdev_admin

Our Ad Agency in Philadelphia Helps You Tell Your Story

One of the many things that make daily life so exciting at our ad agency in Philadelphia is our ability to work with companies who are as enthusiastic about what they do as we are about marketing. When our experts conduct a brand review and speak with people that have an evident commitment to excellence, it inspires us. Delivering results is not just our job, it’s our passion. There’s no greater success than helping our clients share their story. One great example of a brand we have the pleasure of working with that exemplifies an incredible passion for quality and excellence is Iron Hill Brewery & Restaurant. 

Long before our ad agency in Philadelphia met with Iron Hill Brewery & Restaurant, they opened their first location in Newark, Delaware in 1996. While many who reside near our ad agency in Philadelphia have come to know of the Iron Hill brand name, the company reached out to us with their sights set on launching a Perimeter Georgia location. Iron Hill Brewery & Restaurant turned to Neff to help generate buzz in local communities, so the restaurant would be packed by the time opening night arrived.

Our experts conducted a thorough brand review of Iron Hill Brewery & Restaurant to understand the story behind the brand and just how dedicated the lovers of craft beer and quality food are to their craft. To take full advantage of what makes Iron Hill Brewery & Restaurant unique from their competitors, we updated brand messaging, photographed their beer and food for both digital and billboard advertising, and highlighted all of the qualities we learned about during our brand review.

IronHill Brewery Restaurant Buckhead

In anticipation of the grand opening of the Perimeter Georgia location, Neff worked with the Iron Hill Brewery & Restaurant team to refresh their advertising and launch a VIP Media & Influencer Preview Event. All of these efforts successfully built excitement to ensure that the location would not only have a strong turnout on opening night, but that they would also enjoy the same success that the brand has now grown accustomed to in the greater Philadelphia region. Through PR outreach and strategic influencer partnerships, our experts brought more than one million social media impressions to Iron Hill Brewery & Restaurant. We knew that once we got people in the door, the incredible food and beverages would do the rest.

The example of Iron Hill Brewery & Restaurant is only one of many. Some brands need to be launched, some need to be revitalized, and some simply need to be expanded. In learning about Iron Hill Brewery & Restaurant, our team took advantage of the history the brand had accumulated over the past 25 years. No two brands are the same, and we believe that to fit any brand into a cookie-cutter system of marketing is a disservice to the efforts being put in by every professional who works for that company. Any path taken to achieve an excellent marketing campaign starts with a conversation, then evolves based on what makes that company or service unique.

If you have a story to tell and are passionate about the service or product you provide, we want to hear from you. Visit our Contact Us page today to get in touch with our experts.