November 14, 2016
Article by neffdev_admin

How to Get the Most Value from Your Press Releases

Like other marketing elements, press releases aren’t what they used to be. Today, press releases can produce greater and more measurable results. However, despite all the value press releases can offer, a lot of small business owners are missing out on opportunities to get their releases more views and shares. To maximize the value of your next news release, consider these tips.

Optimize for targeted keywords

It’s not enough to make your press release content unique and newsworthy; you must also optimize it for search engine optimization (SEO). While embedded links in your press release are no-follow— meaning Google won’t follow the link from the press release to your website— that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t optimize the content for your targeted terms.  No-follow links are still beneficial when it comes to building your backlink profile.

You will also need to write your release in a way that makes it easy for reporters and customers to find it online. Google will catalog the searched words that are most relatable to your release, allowing your press release to come up for relevant search queries. Additionally, the hyperlinked words can increase engagement among viewers and direct them to your website. Just remember, when integrating keywords into your release, make sure they sound natural and not forced.

Write compelling headlines

With so much news released every day, it’s important to make your release stand out with an attention-grabbing headline. Your headline should evoke the reader’s curiosity and entice them to want to view your release to learn more.

Use a high-quality distribution service

You can benefit from maximizing the number of sites that publish your release. This helps boost your backlink profile, exposure, and the authority of your brand. Most distribution services automatically send your press release to a large number of sites. Choosing a high-quality distribution service helps ensure your news is being sent to high authority sites with large audiences. Also, look for a service that allows you to target specific outlets that you want your release to be sent to. Don’t forget you need a service with good reporting metrics, so you can properly measure and analyze the performance of your releases.

Time it right

Do some research to determine the best days and times to send out your news release. Sending it out at the right time will enhance its results and increase the likelihood that it’s being viewed.

Add a photo or video

Bring your content to life with multimedia. Adding a photo and/or video to your release can make your content more compelling and engaging, and increase the amount of people who view and share your content.

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