February 8, 2017
Article by neffdev_admin

Open Offices Power Productivity

Does the design of an office space impact employees’ productivity? Absolutely. According to a Scientific Journal ergonomic case study, which observes people’s efficiency in their work environments, there is a direct relationship between office design and productivity. Factors like furniture, lighting, layout and noise all contribute to a business’s level of productivity. Here at Neff Associates, a top advertising agency in Philadelphia, we know firsthand how productive an open office space can be and take pride in our collaborative Old City office.

First impressions are lasting impressions! When entering our office, Neff Associates welcomes guests with bright lighting and a friendly face at our front desk. It is essential for clients to have a warm welcome the moment they walk in.

In a creative environment, having partial walls and an open space, allows each team member to verbally contribute ideas to the communal conversation. Great ideas stem from any source regardless of someone’s department and the more input, the better.

A cohesive agency atmosphere revolves around teamwork; therefore, conference space should encourage productive discussion and collaboration. The Neff Associates’ conference room is filled with natural light from our ceiling to floor windows and artificial light from our rows of recess lighting. According to Scientific Journal, lighting, both natural and artificial, is the leading factor of work productivity. Lack of light leads to eye strain, causing employees headaches, irritability and hindering productivity.

Finally, the ideal workspace should include personal touches to inspire creativity. Around the Neff Associates office, visitors can find personality pieces from classic tin advertisements to employees’ drawings on our whiteboard walls, and maybe even a dog or two roaming around.

A fun and functional office space is the foundation for employees to reach their full potential, but this is nothing new to our award-winning team at Neff Associates. Our open office fuels productivity and is part of the reason we are the leading advertising agency in Philadelphia!