September 20, 2013
Article by neffknows_admin

Pinterest Announces First Ad Product: Promoted Pins

For the past 3 years Pinterest has been the virtual pin board for users to keep their fashion wish lists, DIY ideas, recipes, and everyday inspiration. CEO Ben Silbermann told users Thursday, “We’re going to start experimenting with promoting certain pins because it’s so important that Pinterest is a service that will be here to stay.”

Pinterest paid advertising will be called “promoted pins,” similar to Facebook and Twitter. However, only a select group of brands will experiment with promoting pins. Silbermann promises that annoying banner ads will not be explored as an option on Pinterest. More specifically he says that ads will be:

  • Tasteful. No flashy banners or pop-up ads
  • Transparent. We’ll always let you know if someone paid for what you see, or where you see it
  • Relevant. These pins should be about stuff you’re actually interested in, like a delicious recipe, or a jacket that’s your style
  • Improved based on your feedback. Keep letting us know what you think, and we’ll keep working to make things better

The goal of ads will be relevancy. Pinterest will promote a few pins in search results and category feeds. For example, if you search a ‘Halloween Costume’ you might see a costume on sale at a local shop that pinned the outfit. With such a large audience base, advertising is an obvious place for Pinterest to seek out revenue.

To read Ben Silbermann’s entire announcement, click here.