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HSLC Power Library Marketing Case Study

A web-based chat service where librarians provide at-home resources for children and parents in Pennsylvania.

Project Goal

HSLC was looking to improve the user experience of their web-based chat service, Chat with a Librarian, funded by the Pennsylvania Department of Education. The service was experiencing insufficient communication and needed to improve the chat experience by exploring more effective ways to provide resources for students and others using the system.

Project Solution

Through a comprehensive UX audit, Neff identified gaps in communication and recommended updated messaging and steps for a more streamlined process. Neff worked with the HSLC team to create educational guidelines for chat operators that would encourage more consistent interactions. Utilizing paid and organic social media content, Neff also designed visually compelling and informative graphics to educate users and to drive participants to utilize the chat feature.</div

  • Analyzed user experience and pain points with the chat service
  • Recommended improved messaging for a more effective user experience
  • Created interaction guidelines for best practices moving forward

Services Delivered
  • Social Media
  • Website

UX Audit

Neff conducted a comprehensive UX audit to review the chat service and its pain points. The audit included user personas, to better understand users and chat operators and pinpoint their motivations and goals, journey maps to help document user interactions from start to finish and identify communication gaps, and a service blueprint detailing each step of the user’s journey. Based on this research into the user’s process and needs, Neff outlined recommendations for improving interactions in a detailed set of interaction guidelines.

Social Media

In tandem with the UX audit, Neff’s social media team ran a competitive analysis of relevant social platforms and created a moodboard for promotional efforts. Based on these findings, Neff created social media graphics that would effectively represent the CWAL brand and educate users on the service in order to drive participation.

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