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Independence Blue Cross B. PHL Fest Marketing Case Study

A three-day Festival to help position Philadelphia as the East Coast’s leading city for creativity and innovation

Project Goal

Established in 2019, the B. PHL Innovation Fest is a three-day festival, which brings together creators and innovators in science, arts, music, business, social impact, healthcare and more in Philadelphia. Through various workshops, performances, and panel speaking events, these creative voices can inspire and ignite the creativity of the attendees of the festival and its digital audience.

Project Solution

B. PHL hired Neff as their Philadelphia advertising agency to handle all social media content creation and advertising to enhance their social presence leading up to their second annual festival in fall 2020. The Neff team worked closely with the B. PHL team, and their existing brand guidelines, to create an innovative new way to present the brand across social media platforms and increase engagement with their following. The team achieved this with new graphic design techniques and a detailed social content strategy. With Neff’s involvement in the second year of the festival, attendance increased 38% from year one. In addition, the social media audience grew by 86%.

  • Increased festival attendance by 38% from year one
  • Grew social media following by 86% and increased engagement through interactive social posts and stories
  • Increased brand awareness

Services Delivered
  • Photography
  • Social Media

Social Media

Neff created custom graphics, social advertisements, social media content calendars, and provided custom photography and videography, within the scope of their brand guidelines, to create new content for the 2020 festival and increase engagement and attendance from 2019.

Photography by Neff

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