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Rittenhouse Psychiatric Associates Marketing Case Study

A comprehensive private practice of academic psychiatry headquartered in Rittenhouse Square, Philadelphia.

Project Goal

Rittenhouse Psychiatric Associates, previously known as Philadelphia Health Services, wanted to refresh their look along with their new name. The practice needed a brand that would connect with an audience of all ages while still retaining a sense of professionalism to inspire trust and confidence.

Project Solution

Using the gazebo of Rittenhouse Square as inspiration, we created a sophisticated family of logos that appeals to the Rittenhouse demographic and inspires a sense of calm in visitors to the office. The professional look accurately represents a highly trained and experienced staff while also being modern enough to appeal to a younger demographic.

  • Designed a sophisticated new identity system
  • Created corresponding collateral to introduce the new brand to visitors
  • Assembled a thorough brand guidelines document to ensure consistency in the application of the brand

Services Delivered
  • Branding

Logo Development

Our team created a custom etched icon of the Rittenhouse gazebo, a recognizable landmark of Rittenhouse Square where the office is located. The icon is paired with a modern take on a traditional wordmark for a combination of elegance and readability.

Branding Process

Using the new brand elements, we also created a circular seal to complete the refined look of the brand. We then expanded the brand into collateral materials such as a postcard to introduce the new name and brand.

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