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Pennworth Financial Services Marketing Case Study

A Philadelphia based firm providing financial guidance, planning and solutions to a diverse range of clients.

Project Goal

After conducting a naming process with the Neff team, Pennworth Financial Services then wanted to introduce their brand with a strong identity that would both establish trust and set them apart from other financial services companies in the Philadelphia market.

Project Solution

Through a series of discussions relating to the company’s values and location, the name of Pennworth Financial Services was chosen. The corresponding branding captures the company’s strong relationships and the growth that they achieve, with a unique color palette that adds a modern touch. The landing page utilizes these elements to set forth Pennworth’s capabilities in an organized, user friendly layout.

  • Developed the brand and identity from the ground up, starting with the naming process
  • Created a new, vibrant brand that speaks to the mission and vision of the company
  • Designed and developed a landing page to introduce the company and their services
  • Delivered a robust brand guidelines document to establish a clear set of instructions on how to efficiently use the brand moving forward

Services Delivered
  • Branding
  • Website

Logo Development

The three interlocking circles and embedded leaf in the logo represent the strong relationships that Pennworth cultivates, while also symbolizing the company’s three main services – personal finance, tax services, and insurance management.

Branding Process

The Pennworth brand maintains a professional look, while also featuring pops of color that set it apart from other financial services companies and communicate a friendly tone.

Website Design

Our team incorporated the new brand elements into a landing page with information introducing Pennworth, the services they offer and how to get in touch.

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