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The Marino Bros. Marketing Case Study

A family owned company that operates Cheesesteak and Rustica shops at Philadelphia’s The Bourse.

Project Goal

The Marino Bros. opened their own cheesesteak shop in the Bourse building after coming to Philadelphia from Italy in 1982. In 2017, the Bourse building underwent a complete renovation, and the Marino family came to Neff to update the look of their cheesesteak and rotisserie shops and create a corresponding website.

Project Solution

Our team designed a parent brand for The Marino Bros. with two corresponding sub brands for Cheesesteak and Rustica. The updated Bourse was both sleek and contemporary while also retaining organic elements in the design, so we made sure that the new brands were both modern and artisanal to match their environment. Our team also designed and developed a website featuring high quality photography with information about the core business, history and both shops, further increasing the visibility of the brand.

  • Established a unified brand structure by designing a parent brand that contains two separate brands for Cheesesteaks and Rustica
  • Increased brand visibility to both tourists and locals in the Old City area
  • Created a distinct look to stand out from the other businesses in the Bourse through environmental design, signage, menus, and other collateral materials
  • Developed an online presence for the brand where customers can view menus or order online in order to greatly increase prospective business opportunities

Services Delivered
  • Branding
  • Photography
  • Website

Logo Development

It was important to create a brand with a unified and modern look while still maintaining a style that reflects the artisanal feel of the storefronts incorporated into the building’s new design. We accomplished this through custom typography featuring artisanal details and a color palette of rustic deep red and blue to complement each sub-brand.

Branding Process

We extended the look and feel of the brand with hand-drawn illustrations for the menus and wrapping paper. A brand guidelines document spells out all the brand elements and directions for properly applying them.


The website serves as an easy-to-use tool for information about the menus, catering services, contact information, and the story behind the business. Featuring prominently are high quality photographs taken in-house that capture the delicious food and bright, bustling space inside the Bourse.

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