August 4, 2021
Article by neffknows_admin

Steps to PR Success in Philadelphia

A successful Public Relations effort should be organized and comprehensive. When working with a PR firm in Philadelphia, it’s essential that they know the city and the people who influence it. A PR team should have a thorough method and understanding of the Philadelphia Market. You want to make sure you’re getting the best press possible to meet your goals and build exposure for your brand. Below is an outline of key tips to ensure a successful PR process.

  1. Customize Your PR Strategy

    To start with, it’s essential that your PR strategy fits your unique goals. Although a PR team will have their standard process, there is no such thing as one size fits all. They should customize the process to meet your needs. For example, if your target demographic lives in the Philly suburbs, you’ll want your PR directed at media outlets that reach this population. If your audience reads the papers but doesn’t watch TV, you don’t want to waste resources on contacting local stations. Define your audience and your marketing goals before you develop your PR materials.

  2. Create Appropriate PR Materials

    You’ll first want to gather all existing materials to understand your current assets and know where you need to go from here. Then, you want to hone your messaging in custom press materials that will include press releases, media alerts, and pitches. It goes without saying that these should be well written and professional. The PR team will send them to a curated list of media contacts in accordance with your customized PR strategy. If you’re running an integrated campaign, PR will coordinate with other services so your posts on social media, for example, match up.

  3. Build Brand Exposure with Media Placements

    In addition to customized materials, PR success also requires strategic placements. Target media outlets that relate to your company’s bottom line. The places you reach out to should be relevant to your demographic. Placement settings can be local, regional or national and via print or digital media. Opportunities range from TV stations to online blogs to magazines. Your Philadelphia PR firm should know all relevant media outlets and have relationships with influencers throughout the city’s media landscape. From PHL17 to the Philadelphia Inquirer, they’ll leverage the contacts that work for you.

  4. Leverage Key Events and Initiatives

    When seeking media placements, it’s helpful to promote something specific. Your custom press materials will relate to specific events and initiatives that are timely and relevant. The PR team will strategically leverage these to increase the chances that media outlets will be interested in covering them. Furthermore, your PR team will not only publicize events but can also provide on-site support and management to facilitate press coverage and interviews.

  5. Track Success with Media Monitoring

    Stay up to date with regular reports detailing PR placements. Know if your Philly audience takes note. Public relations firms use monitoring software that tracks publication and broadcast content to ensure that nothing is missed. Keep your placements and press clippings organized for your records. Track your progress against pre-determined goals and KPIs. Over time, look at how your PR placements correlate with other measures of success.

Achieving PR Success

In conclusion, a successful PR approach should include a customized strategy with well-defined goals, the preparation of PR materials, relevant media placements, leveraging events, and media monitoring to track your progress. PR is essential for getting the word out in the right places – The brand exposure you’ll get from an expert PR team is worth it.