December 10, 2013
Article by neffknows_admin

Take your email marketing to the next level!

Do you often find yourself wondering how businesses keep their email subscribers on lock down? How they send email after email and not lose any followers? Mashable wrote an article explaining this phenomenon. Part of the trick is getting to know your subscribers so you can personalize their emails. That way, you can see what your followers want out of an email subscription and, in turn, reduce the risk of unsubscribers. It also lets your subscribers know that you’re appreciative of their interest in you. Now, with a healthy social media presence, companies don’t need to worry that email is their own means of communication. This gives you the opportunity to be more playful with how you write your newsletters. Knowing your audience is the key to keeping subscribers. However, getting those subscribers to actually read their emails is another feat entirely.

Timing, purpose, catchy subject lines, mobile optimization, and exit surveys have all proven successful for improvement in an email marketing strategy.  Research shows that late nights and weekends are excellent times for email marketing.. This surprising fact makes a lot of sense when you consider the lack of competition, which allows for a high open rate. The purpose of the email should be relevant, engaging and clear – a call to action is often a successful approach. The subject line can be tricky. You want to give your readers enough information to entice them to open the email, but not enough where they don’t feel the need to read your content. Mobile optimization has become increasingly important in this age of smart phones. If people can’t open their email on their phones you risk losing a subscriber, plain and simple. Nearly half of emails are read on mobile devices.. A simple exit survey can help your business have a better understanding into why consumers are leaving. In turn, it will give you insight into your strategy moving forward. It’s recommended to offer a multiple-choice questionnaire and a simple option to type feedback. Follow these tips and keep your subscribers reading! inspired this blog post.