January 14, 2015
Article by neffknows_admin

Taking Advantage of Advertising Space

When it comes to advertising, you want to take advantage of every single advertising medium you have so you can increase the exposure of your brand. It doesn’t matter what industry your business is in, advertising is a great way to generate traffic to your company, and using different forms of advertising can reach many different consumers. In order to implement a successful advertising campaign, you must strategize each medium, and make sure they complement each other. With that being said, check out these ways TV, radio, print and online formats work for you when it comes to advertising.


When you place advertisements throughout different mediums, you want to keep your messages consistent so your audience can trust your brand. Creating consistency allows you to develop greater credibility which can help reinforce each advertising format you are utilizing. Be sure to keep everything streamlined across the different channels because it will allow your audience to identify your brand more easily.


Timing Is Key

When it comes to each medium, some have a more powerful reach based on timing, but understanding when to place an advertisement is key. Some advertisements can depend on the time of day while others could be more effective during a certain time of year. Take for instance a retail store – strong advertisements placed within the holiday shopping season would be more effective than advertisements in the dead of summer. While this does not necessarily mean don’t advertise in the summer, it means a strong advertising strategy during the holiday season could be more beneficial.

Breaking down each format to formulate a winning combination of advertisements can help you get a better rate of return on your investment. When placing radio ads, think of the audience you are trying to reach – is it the 9 to 5 working class? If so, it would be beneficial to time out radio ads during drive-time like before someone leaves for work, during their lunch hour and then again on their drive home. This plays a little bit into television ads because you can strategically place ads during prime-time television spots and in between news segments.

Advertising in print is a little different than the above because there is not necessarily a certain time of day to place an ad, however it’s more what day you ideally want to run the ad? Daily newspapers with high circulation numbers have a far greater chance of reaching your target audience than a weekly edition paper. Keep in mind your geographical area and figure out which papers reach more readers to effectively capitalize on print advertisements. Additionally, magazines can generate good ad space but know that most magazines are monthly, so a vibrant, well-crafted advertisement may work better than a small message.

Online Ads

Placing advertisements online can be both effective and economical allowing you to reach a large chunk of your target audience through various online mediums like social media profiles, websites, emails and more.  All offline ads should be worked into the message that is used on the web, and all offline ads should connect to the web. This means your TV, radio and print ads should incorporate your website information and make their way to an online format – YouTube, streaming music ads, etc.

Just be sure to remember to keep everything consistent so your brand isn’t compromised with identity confusion. Take it from one of the best advertising agencies in Philadelphia, Neff knows!