June 4, 2014
Article by neffknows_admin


Rubber Manufacturers Association’s Annual National Tire Safety Week kicks off on June 1st and United Tire & Service—a group of 17 independent tire stores in the Delaware Valley—would like to take the opportunity to educate the public about five key tire safety tips:

1.    Check tire pressures and adjust at least once a month

Proper air pressure is important for both long tire life and vehicle safety. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the leading cause of tire failure related accidents is under- inflation. That is why it is imperative to check and adjust tire pressure at least once a month, especially before long trips. Tire pressure should be set to the vehicle manufacturer’s specifications which can be found on the driver’s door jamb or owner’s manual.

2.    Inspect tires regularly for abnormal wear or damage

Visually check your tires for uneven wear, looking for high and low spots or unusually smooth areas. Also check for signs of damage, such as a bulge in the sidewall or a nail in the tread. If you see any irregular wear or damage, have your tires checked by a tire professional.

3.   Rotate tires every 5,000 miles or according to your owner’s manual

Regularly rotating your vehicle’s tires will help your tires wear more uniformly. Unless your vehicle’s owner’s manual has a specific recommendation, the guideline for tire rotation is approximately every 5,000 miles. Wheel balancing should be checked and corrected whenever tires are rotated.

4.    Maintain steering and suspension in proper alignment

A bad jolt from hitting a curb or pothole can knock your front end out of alignment and damage your tires. A vehicle’s alignment can also change over time under normal operating conditions as a vehicle’s steering and suspension parts wear. Misalignment can cause accelerated tire wear, poor handling and performance and increased fuel consumption. Have a tire dealer check the alignment periodically to ensure that your car is properly aligned

5.   Always select the right tires for your vehicle and driving environment

Choosing the right tire for your vehicle depends on the driver’s driving habits and needs. There are many tire options from various manufacturers, the decision should be based on the vehicle and the driver’s needs and expectations. For example, if you drive a lot of miles each year and in all types of inclement weather, than a tire that provides long tread life and outstanding wet and snow traction may be the best option.

Finally the snowy season is behind us, and road crews are busy repairing the potholes and cracks in the roads. Any impact to a tire, such as hitting a pot hole or striking a curb can damage the tire, the wheel and or steering and suspension parts. United Tire & Service warns drivers not to have a false sense of security if you do not see or feel any changes to your vehicle after hitting a pot hole. The damage caused by potholes isn’t always something that is visible.  National Tire Safety Week is the perfect opportunity to get your car (and tires) checked out and make sure they’re in good shape for all of those summer road trips.

“This past winter has left behind terrible road conditions that may have led to damage to your tires and suspension parts,” says Paul Pidgeon, General Manager of United Tire & Service. “Many of these problems can be serious safety hazards and are often overlooked by the untrained eye. They can range from steering and suspension issues, to tire wear and alignment complications, which is why a professional tire inspection is crucial to ensuring each drivers’ safety. National Tire Safety Week is the perfect time to make sure your tires and vehicle are in good condition.”

Beginning June 1st and running throughout the month of June, United Tire & Service will be offering a free tire inspection and alignment check, valid at any of their 17 locations.  The United Tire & Service team encourages anyone who has not had their car recently inspected to come in and take advantage of this offer, and receive a free tread depth gauge key ring.

United Tire & Service has 17 locations in the Delaware Valley with even more to come. Each facility offers the best and most competitively priced brand name tires and all aspects of automotive repairs including oil changes, tune-ups, tire balancing and more. For more information on United Tire & Service please visit www.unitedtire.com. And make sure to stay connected on Facebook.