February 28, 2014
Article by neffknows_admin

Why Social Media Marketing is a Necessity for Your Business

Do you own a small business and live in the Philadelphia area? The staff at Neff Associates has what it takes to expand and grow your brand, especially through social media marketing techniques. In a world that revolves around Facebook and Twitter, you can see why more and more businesses are incorporating social media into their marketing strategies. In fact, many studies show that within a half hour of a person waking up in the morning, they have already checked one of their online networking accounts. The ability to connect to the world in milliseconds has changed the marketing landscape. Still not sure if your business is a strong candidate for social media marketing?  Consider the following factors:

New Business – The most obvious reason for social media marketing is building a loyal and powerful customer base. There are over 1 billion social media users. It’s been estimated by marketing professionals that 50% of shoppers make purchases based on the recommendations they receive on their social platforms. By targeting your audience and knowing who your core customers are, marketing online provides an informal and genuine way to showcase your business and create a buzz around it.

Cost Effective – Online marketing is theneff cheapest way to advertise your business. You do not have to pay to be on Twitter, Facebook, Linkden, or other popular sites. While you can expand your audience through the use of paid advertisements, manual management can be done to grow your following and your potential clientele. When it comes to the time you put into marketing on social platforms, it’s entirely up to you. However, the biggest benefits will be enjoyed by companies who respond quickly to their client base and constantly keep them informed.

Customer Interaction – It’s an incredible asset to have your business being discussed online by your satisfied customers. Also, by engaging with an existing customer, a person who is unfamiliar with your business can gain a comprehensive understanding of what your company is all about. They can also discover what drives an existing customer to keep returning to your business. Through their feedback, you can better your business and ensure a better overall experience for your future customers.

Understanding why social media is so important to marketing a brand is your first step in growing your business. We separate ourselves from other Philadelphia marketing agencies by providing you with social media marketing solutions that are proven to produce results. Give us a call today and learn more about growing your business through social platforms.