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Eastern Airlines Marketing Case Study

Accessible, affordable, high quality flights across national and international markets.

Project Goal

Eastern Airlines provides safe, direct flights to locations across the globe. The company wanted to launch across a range of markets and communicate both their products and value to potential customers.

Project Solution

The Neff team utilized existing branding along with new creative to boost brand visibility through advertising. Our targeted campaign emphasized the company’s diverse market, affordability, and exceptional service.

  • Brand launch in 18+ national and international markets
  • Targeted Facebook advertising campaign
  • 3 million impressions and over 40,000 link clicks in a six week period

Services Delivered
  • Advertising
  • Social Media


The Neff team came up with a range of messaging content aimed at assuring consumers that travel with Eastern Airlines is safe, convenient, and affordable. We then combined this copy with appropriate photography and information and translated the advertising to eleven different variations to cover all the airline’s service offerings.

Social Media

Our social team took the advertising content and other brand creative to create a highly targeted Facebook advertising campaign. These efforts garnered almost 3 million impressions and over 40,000 link clicks in only six weeks. The campaign emphasized the importance of safety, convenience, and family.

Photos from Eastern Airlines.

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