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Make The World Better Marketing Case Study

Make The World Better connects people and inspires stewardship through public space revitalization projects throughout Philadelphia.

Project Goal

Neff was hired as MTWB’s marketing partner to assist in connecting with the community, developing a cohesive brand/structure, and implementing it across all ongoing marketing efforts and outreach. The new brand needed to reflect the foundation’s mission and vision, enhance trust and credibility, increase engagement and civic pride, and promote connectivity and partnership.

Project Solution

As part of our ongoing partnership, Neff collaborated with the MTWB team to build and launch their new brand. Through a new logo and identity system, followed by a new custom website, MTWB’s message and brand awareness has expanded throughout the market. The early results have been overwhelmingly positive, with the organization already taking leaps into new growth. Our assessment of this project is ongoing, as our marketing partnership with MTWB continues.

  • Overall Brand enhancement and organization
  • Increased community engagement in MTWB’s project process
  • Partnership expansion
  • Increased messaging via new branded marketing materials

Services Delivered
  • Branding
  • Photography
  • Videography
  • Website

Logo Development

A series of hand drawn and then digital sketches allowed our team to work with MTWB until the final brand marks were established. We created a responsive brand system with an icon to represent local and global community simultaneously and a word mark to represent connectivity and growth.

Branding Process

Make The World Better asked Neff to conduct a brand analysis and rebrand of their organization. During the process, we designed a cohesive, modern, and informative brand to communicate their mission and increase the effectiveness of their marketing reach. The new identity enhances their vision to communicate with potential partners, donors, and community members.


We designed and developed a custom website to reflect the youthful, vibrant energy of the brand. Using bold colors and playful shapes, our team communicated the foundation’s mission of engaging people of all ages to help improve their communities.


Neff’s videography capabilities were leveraged by MTWB during their 5th Annual Healthbridge Event at the 76ers Training Facility in Camden, NJ. We filmed the event and produced a recap video to be shared across all social media channels.  Neff is also developing a larger documentary style video to be shown at MTWB’s 5th Annual Benefit Concert.

Photography by Neff, MTWB, and SSM Photography

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