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Red Rabbit Marketing Case Study

A Black-owned school food management company serving healthy and culturally relevant school lunches.

Project Goal

Red Rabbit works with schools, charter networks, districts, food banks, and government officials to uplift communities of color through healthy and culturally relevant cafeteria food. The company’s professionally trained chefs run a full-service operation from sourcing to serving to create the very best cafeteria experience for school communities. They came to Neff looking to expand their footprint and brand awareness throughout the Philadelphia and Southern New Jersey markets.

Our Solution

We pursued an integrated approach that combines advertising, media strategy, social media, and public relations to accomplish Red Rabbit’s campaign goals of building brand recognition and differentiating from other food service companies. We worked to establish Red Rabbit as an advocate for social justice and a trusted school food service provider in the Philadelphia and Camden areas. We utilized out-of-home advertising, social media, and PR placements to publicize Red Rabbit and showcase their mission and vision to provide food security and nutrition education to underserved communities within the Greater Philadelphia and Southern New Jersey regions.

  • Created market-wide buzz and unprecedented demand around Red Rabbit’s official launch in the Philadelphia and Southern New Jersey markets
  • Established a brand presence by emphasizing the positive impact Red Rabbit will have on the Camden and Philadelphia communities in order to capture the attention of potential partners (such as decision-makers at local schools and government-backed organizations)
  • Communicated that Red Rabbit is the largest Black-owned food delivery company of its kind in the U.S. while positioning the team as industry thought leaders who are actively facilitating positive change in the local communities that they serve
  • Publicized Red Rabbit’s mission to provide all children with access to nutritious, made-from-scratch and culturally relevant meals in school while encouraging them to explore, learn and grow healthy relationships with food

Services Delivered
  • Advertising
  • Media Strategy
  • Public Relations
  • Social Media


We utilized bold out-of-home advertising to increase brand recognition and show what’s different about Red Rabbit in an effective, impactful way. The billboard design highlights key information with succinct copy and imagery that illustrate the company’s mission of social justice through culturally relevant and nutritious cafeteria food.

Social Media

Our social media team developed a recommendation based on a comprehensive analysis of direct competitors and successful social-justice-oriented brands. Our recommendation highlights the importance of consistency, quality, and diversity in Red Rabbit’s social media content. Our strategy prioritizes social justice themes, honesty, clarity, high-quality images, well-designed graphics, and engaging and varied content.

Public Relations

Our PR team has worked to tell Red Rabbit’s story of growth and support their expansion into the Greater Philadelphia and Southern New Jersey regions through earned media. Through media outreach, the team has garnered editorial coverage on NBC10, the Philadelphia Inquirer, and the Philadelphia Tribune. Since the beginning of our partnership we’ve successfully educated the media and key publics about Red Rabbit’s vision and how they have pivoted their business model to continue to provide food security during pandemic times through offering home delivery.

Photos from Red Rabbit

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