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Rocco’s Collision Marketing Case Study

A family-owned automotive repair company throughout PA and NJ, Rocco’s has been providing safe, high quality repairs since 1957.

Project Goal

Rocco’s Collision has had a strong brand presence in the Philadelphia market for decades. However, they recently looked to Neff for our expert web guidance. Our team was asked to plan and build a website redesign to showcase Rocco’s superior services and strong company culture.

Project Solution

Through our step by step process, we designed and developed a sleek, modern website that communicates their high-quality customer process and utilizes their strong brand color palette and voice. The site also features strong calls to action in an effort to capture all new business leads.

  • Responsive website that represents the brand quality
  • Custom designed UI to communicate the customer experience
  • Art directed video to enhance brand awareness
  • Lead-gen with clear calls to action

Services Delivered
  • Videography
  • Website


Communicating the customer process was a top priority for the new site, so we made sure this was reflected in our design. We utilized Rocco’s brand voice and bold color palette to create an easy-to-navigate interactive experience that guides site visitors step-by-step through the Rocco’s process, emphasizing a strong call-to-action and maintaining consistent content to keep the site streamlined and on-brand.


To showcase their staff, facilities, and process, Neff scripted and directed a video to be featured on the website. The final piece was filmed and edited by Pushnik Studios with direction by Neff.

Photography and Videography by Neff, Rocco's Collision, and Pushnik

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