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Omnia Group Architects Website Case Study

The OMNIA Group Architects is a full service architectural firm serving commercial, residential and municipal clients throughout the Philadelphia region.

Project Goal

The OMNIA Group Architects believes that architecture is the thoughtful making of space. With advanced knowledge, talent and experience, they bring fresh cross-disciplinary ideas to a wide range of projects that include small boutique commercial interiors, urban infill, mixed use housing, multi-million dollar custom homes and everything in between. Our goal was to communicate those ideals, as well as Omnia’s high quality portfolio, via a new website.

Project Solution

Our team worked with OMNIA to design and develop a website that reflects the multifaceted nature of the company in a clean, professional style. Unique interactive design elements that allude to the architectural process guide users smoothly through the OMNIA process. Black and white photography and a minimal color palette showcase OMNIA’s work in a clean and elegant fashion in a website as modern and sleek as the architecture work they do every day.

  • High level design to reflect the portfolio quality
  • New website to communicate the Omnia project process to clients
  • Visual portfolio of both Residential and Commercial projects
  • Updatable content for easy future use
  • Minimal color palette with color emphasis on portfolio

Services Delivered
  • Website

Photography by Neff and Omnia Group Architects

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