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Zavino Hospitality Group Marketing Case Study

Philadelphia’s premier pizzeria and wine bar with locations across the region.

Project Goal

As a parent brand to the Zavino and Tredici restaurants, Zavino Hospitality Group needed a website solution that catered to each of their restaurants’ locations. Along with each separate restaurant needing a platform to house menus, images, and information, the brand also needed a space to present all of their individual restaurants.

Project Solution

The Neff team worked with Zavino Hospitality Group to build a responsive, easily updatable website system to showcase the various menus and impressive image galleries of the restaurants they manage. With Zavino’s plans to expand into additional markets, our team designed and developed a comprehensive site that seamlessly accommodates both present and future needs. Along with the responsive design, our team developed a custom, secure content management system to house all Zavino Hospitality Group investor documents.

  • Responsive, user-friendly website to showcase the restaurants’ capabilities
  • Content management system to house investor documents
  • Expandable website system that will accommodate present and future needs

Services Delivered
  • Website

Photography by Neff and Zavino Hospitality Group

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