January 30, 2014
Article by neffknows_admin

The Champ Is Here!

During the Super Bowl, the two teams (Seahawks & Broncos) battling it out in order to rise as champions are not the only winners of the night, there are actually quite a few! Take last year for instance-the Baltimore Ravens walked away as champions; Beyonce held on to her title as music industry’s reigning queen (or King, whichever you prefer) after a breathtaking half time show performance …oh and Oreo stole the night with a simple tweet during the big game’s blackout, rendering it one of the best strategic moves for a brand that night (and it cost them nothing).



Landing your brand/organization any kind of visibility during the Super Bowl boils down to all but one question, how much did it cost? This is THE night for your ad to broadcast to millions across the country whether it be for 10 seconds or 30. As reported by The Atlantic, last year, the starting price for an ad airing for a 30 second spot began at $4million. Now of course, the success of the ad also depends on reception from viewers as well as other areas of appropriate measurement.

superbowl chart

Who will come out on top come Sunday, February 2? Will it be the Broncos? What about the Seahawks? Or will it be your favorite cookie…again!