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Women of Vision Marketing Case Study

Women of Vision works to transform the lives of Jewish women and girls through innovative programs and hands-on philanthropy.

Project Goal

Women of Vision, Philadelphia’s Jewish Women’s Foundation, transforms the lives of Jewish women and girls in Greater Philadelphia and around the world by supporting programs that create long-term change. The organization needed a video to introduce the foundation and the scope of great work that they do.

Project Solution

The video that Neff created gives a comprehensive look at what Women of Vision does and showcases the voices of women involved including the founder, past chair, and CEO. These women explain what the foundation does and the inspiration behind their advocacy work. A bright, clean environment, smooth editing, and the incorporation of stylized type contribute to a video that is aesthetically well put together in addition to being informative.

  • Delivered a comprehensive look at what Women of Vision does for women and girls
  • Successfully communicated an inspiring mood with well designed footage and editing
  • Showcased the voices of key members of Women of Vision

Services Delivered
  • Videography


Neff wrote, directed, and edited a comprehensive video about the Women of Vision foundation. The video explains in an organized, stylized format how this group of visionary women support justice and social change through hands-on advocacy and philanthropy.

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