May 18, 2021
Article by neffknows_admin

Video Production in Philadelphia Can Be a True Gamechanger

In today’s world, videography is an important aspect of marketing. Video production in Philadelphia can help increase viewer interest and engagement. Including videography in your overall strategy can help your campaign succeed. Not sure how to approach this kind of project? Here’s a guide to building your video marketing strategy.

Consider Your Goals.

What do you want to achieve with videography? First determine your end goals. This could include increased brand awareness, lead generation, converation rates or viewer engagement. Your goals should be specific, realistic and concrete. You also want goals to be measurable so you can track your success. Identify key performance indicators (KPIs) and metrics that you can use to mark progress. Creating a short, straightforward mission statement is another tool you can use in goal setting.

Determine Your Target Audience.

Who do you want to reach? Define the people who you hope will watch your content. Then you can verify that what you’re creating speaks to their needs. Who is your demographic and what are their video preferences? Creating user personas is one way to define your target audience. Journey mapping is another technique that can help you identify how the user would interact with the content and the issues that they might encounter.

Decide What Videos to Make.

Now that you know your goals and target audience, you can get to the actual project. What story do you want to tell to accomplish these goals and reach this demographic? What is the best way to tell it? Gather references by looking at other videos to see what you like. Think of what kind of material would both match your brand and get engagement. Sketch out the framework of the video, including the story and structure. Keep in mind your overall goals and any creative constraints that might apply.

Set a Realistic Budget.

Your budget will determine what’s possible. Video production in Philadelphia could cost anywhere from $5,000 to over $20,000, depending on quality and production value. If you have a limited amount you’re able to spend, you’ll need to work within this range. If you were hoping to do a series of videos, you may just need to start with one. Consult with your in-house videographer or the production company you’re working with to see what’s realistic.

Stick to Your Timeline.

Set a realistic timeline and stick to it. If you want to implement regular videography content, how often will these be scheduled? For single run campaign videos, when is the deadline? Work backwards from the delivery date. Make sure you leave enough time for research, development, production, and post-production. Ask your videographer how much time they need for each of these steps and trust their expertise. Every team member should know their responsabilities and the corresponding deadlines.

Evaluate Results.

Setting measurable goals makes it easy to see results. Look at your predetermined KPIs to see how well your outcomes match up. You might look at metrics such as the number of viewers, drop-off rates, click-through rates, and lead generation. Make sure you have a method in place to collect this information. Not only will you want to know if this campaign is sucessful, but this information will be valuable as a comparison for future projects. Results will help determine if your strategy worked.