May 27, 2020
Article by neffknows_admin

Reinforcing Consumer Confidence in Your Brand

It is clear that COVID-19 has deeply effected the economy. This has negatively effected consumer confidence. Spending is down across many industries. Although people’s behavior has changed, your audience is still here.

Consumers want to feel certain that you understand the significance of the global health concern. It is imperative that businesses provide a safe experience for both customers and employees. Let your customers know if they need to adapt to a new way of interacting with you. This should be done promptly and frequently. To do this, we have 5 steps to reinforcing consumer confidence using an integrated marketing strategy.

People Trust People

Reach out to customers with human-to-human interaction to elevate consumer confidence. Leverage social proof through social media platforms and testimonials. Because we are in a time of social distance, people are craving connection more than ever. Provide personalized guidance and messaging. Consumers expect to receive a majority of their messaging through digital platforms. It is simple for customers. Also, it’s cost-effective!

Email marketing can be a powerful platform to tell your story.

Embrace Remote Interactions to Build Consumer Confidence

While brick and mortar stores are closed, customers have shifted to buying online. Shift your business to match these trends. This is an opportunity to optimize your website for online business. However, not all business models will accommodate the same e-commerce solutions. This is still the right time to invest in digital marketing. It may include messaging, SEO (search engine optimization), and updates to creative assets. When businesses begin to reopen, customers need clear, consistent messaging.

Another shift has occurred in advertising. While many people are staying inside, businesses have pivoted away from out-of-home advertising. We have seen an increase in digital marketing, as well as direct mail.

It’s Not a One-Way Conversation

First, seek feedback to improve. Learning about your audience can yield valuable insights. When you listen to your audience, it helps people gain confidence in your brand. Some examples include social media polls or email marketing surveys. Be transparent about your goals and plan for the future.

Facebook is an important source of branded social media content.

“I’ll Believe it When I See it”

Provide visual proof of why you’re in business. Of course, it’s important to have wonderful images of the products and services you provide. Customers want to know that others are pleased with your work.

But, it’s important to go beyond that. Support consumer confidence with authentic pictures of how you practice your values. Even businesses closed by the pandemic can use social media effectively.

Social Impact Supports Consumer Confidence

Put your customers before profit. Identify with the challenges your customers are facing. Based on survey results, 56% of people were pleased to learn about brands taking action. Donating time or resources to assist communities experiencing hardship speaks to your brand values. Lots of brands are stepping up to support their communities in this difficult time.

Moving Forward

As always, an integrated marketing strategy is important for success. This is one way to show leadership during a difficult time. These 5 steps are a simple formula to elevate confidence in your brand. Use a human connection, as well as digital touchpoints. Ask your customers for input. Don’t forget to leverage social media and stunning visuals. Finally, show your support for social causes. As we move through unprecedented times, businesses need to invest in new marketing strategies.